try to propose to me on anon but you cant say ‘will you marry me’. you have to use your knowledge of what i like

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Oh fuck this is so sick, I want it on my face.
I’m freaking out again..

Great. I also have to be at a doctor at 8:45 and it’s 2 am.. Fuck my life dude. This increased anxiety will be the death of me.


i am very proud of you for waking up today. you are very brave. existing can be hard sometimes and that is okay. i am proud of you even if all you did today was exist. i am proud of you for existing.

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I’m a whore, I’m a horrible person, I’m a shitty friend.

That sums it up nicely. 

Anonymous said: That's typically a big flag for pregnancy. Whenever I have a scare that's what keeps me afloat.

Well maybe not then! Hopefully!

Anonymous said: This may sound weird, but do your boobs hurt, like really really really hurt?

Not bad

Anonymous said: If James won't stand by you during this than he's not worth it. And you need to tell him that. You don't want someone in your life whos going to resent your child

I know! He was just like it was supposed to be me, blah blah blah. It just hurt my feelings!

Anonymous said: Stop worrying about what James or whoever is gonna think if you're pregnant. Start realistically thinking about what you're going to do if you end of pregnant and don't chose to get an abortion because if you're pregnant you can't be worried about some guys opinion. It's all about the kid man. You can't be focused on anything else. Also you may just be nauseous because you're nervous about this.

I know you’re right it’s just funny he’s put up with so much and then he said he’d hate me over this. If I am pregnant it will be all about baby! I promise. And I know I could have all my symptoms due to nerves I’m praying that’s the case!